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Oct. 28, 2016

Leo Ostenrath wins in Herxheim to qualify for the European Masters, Brook Roberts notches first victory over Luke Burrage and wins in Durham - Oct. 19, 2016

Leo Ostenrath won his second tournament this past weekend, just a week after his first victory, at Herxheim 2016. He beat both Braun brothers along the way (both former top 10 players); Andreas Braun in the round of 8 and Stefan Braun in the final.

Check out the video of the final match below:

18 jugglers took part at Herxheim, and Leo's 250 points means he has moved up to 7th in the 2016 Race Rankings and has qualified for the European Masters in Berlin in November.

Over at the Durham Juggling Convention, three jugglers who have already confirmed their invites to the European Masters took part. Jon Peat, having already taken part in too many 250 level tournaments, needed to win the tournament to improve his Race Rankings. He only came third.

The final featured the top two players in the 2016 Race Rankings, Luke Burrage and Brook Roberts. They also played each other in the BJC and Bungay finals this year, with Luke winning both. But for the first time in seven matches over six years, Brook finally got the better of Luke and defeated him 5-1. This is also Brook's first ever win over a number one ranked opponent.

Finally, in Bogota, Columbia, the Habla de Circo 2016 hosted a Fight Night for the first time. 25 jugglers entered the group qualifications, with the first 8 winners going through to the knockout. First time competitor Esteban Velez beat Jonathan García 5-2 in the final to earn himself 250 ranking points.

This week is the first week with 52 tournaments in the 52 week current rankings, an average of one per week, and 430 players is the highest number of participants too. The number of tournaments will drop in the coming weeks though, due to Hamburg, Halle and Nürnburg conventions not taking place this year.

There are just two more tournaments in the 2016 season whose points count in the 2016 Race Rankings, both in Germany (Laer and Cottbus), and four invites still left for the European Masters.

See the 2016 tournament calendar here:

Leo Ostenrath and Danny Cooper move up in the Race to Berlin with Fight Night Combat wins in the Netherlands and Ireland - Oct. 11, 2016

Congratulations to Leo Ostenrath for winning his first Fight Night Combat tournament at the Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2016 in the Netherlands. He beat current top-ranked Dutch juggler Rob van Heijst 5-0 in a very one-sided final and earned himself 350 ranking points.

This bumps Leo up to 11th in the 52 week current rankings, and into the top 10 in the 2016 Race Rankings.

If HJW had been the only combat tournament this weekend, he'd be the next in line for an invite to the European Masters end-of-year finals in Berlin at the end of November. But Dublin University also hosted the Dublin Freshers Juggling Convention Fight Night, a brand new juggling event in Ireland.

Only nine jugglers entered the tournament, so only rankings 200 points were on offer, but by winning Danny Cooper jumps up one place above Leo in the Race Rankings. Danny adds those points to those he earned by winning a tournament in Germany this summer (CoastCon 2016) and making the quarterfinals of the EJC 2016 Almere Fight Night. His 1000 points in 2016 put him just slightly ahead of Leo's 947.

While both Danny and Leo look likely to qualify for the European Masters, Jan Poolen's position is more tenuous. His third place at HJW means he's currently 9th on the provisional invite list with three tournaments still to go. While Leo, a German, won in the Netherlands on Saturday, Jan will be returning to ZirkuLaer in Germany in a few weeks time, a tournament he won last year. A strong result there should secure his invite, making him the second Dutch juggler at the tournament (after Rob van Heijst).

See the European Masters 2016 Qualification Guide here:

Thanks to Leanne Staugaard, Melissa Staugaard, Maarten Wils and Dave Leahy for running the HJW Fight Night and Danny Cooper and Des Johnston for running the Dublin Freshers Fight Night.

Jon Peat beats Brook Roberts in the Cambridge 2016 final, both qualify for the European Masters - Oct. 5, 2016

Congratulations to Jon Peat for winning the Cambridge 2016 Fight Night. 19 jugglers entered the tournament, with 12 making it through to the knockout rounds, and the final match taking place as the first act in gala show.

Jon's final opponent was his long-time rival, Brook Roberts, a rematch of the Cambridge 2015 final. Coming into the tournament their head-to head record stood at 3 wins each, and 2 wins each when they've met in finals. Jon now leads Brook 4-3.

This win was also Jon's biggest victory yet, worth 500 ranking points. His previous biggest tournament was only worth 200 points (Durham 2015).

Brook's 300 points for second place is enough to boost him up to second in the 2016 Race Rankings, and secures his invite to the European Masters 2016 in Berlin next month. Jon moves up to fifth in the Race Rankings, and also qualified for the European Masters.

Brook and Jon join Luke Burrage, Jochen Pfeiffer and Rob van Heijst as the current five confirmed participants at the end of year finals. This leaves just five places with six tournaments remaining on the 2016 calendar in Europe to help with qualifying.

Who will be joining the current top five? Julius Preu could have taken part, but he declined his invite due to a trip to the USA. Next in the rankings is Markus Utke, with 915 points, who wouldn't have far to travel to the tournament, due to living in Berlin.

Danny Cooper, from the UK, didn't get to Cambridge to gain more points, but might still add to his 800 points at another Fight Night in the England (Durham) or Ireland (Dublin University). Martin Schwalenberg from Germany has almost maxed out his quota of small tournaments, and would need to win in Laer to gain more points, though any result in Cottbuss would boost his chances of qualifying. Alex Leymann and Leo Ostenrath, also from Germany, are also in with a shot if they do well at these tournaments.

There are no more tournaments scheduled in Poland, which won't help Michał Kozak, Jakub Szwed or Artur Perskawiec from Lublin, all hanging around the cutoff point for an invite.

But this could all be shaken up this coming weekend with the Herfst Jongleer Weekend in the Netherlands. This 500 point event may determine if another Dutch juggler joins Rob van Heijst in Berlin. Jan Poolen, currently in the 10th provisional invite spot, and Simon À Campo at 17th in the Race Rankings, are the most likely to make it into the final top 10.

See the Cambridge 2016 results and details here:

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