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Julius vs Jochen - Berlin 2017

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Byron Hutton
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Byron Hutton
Sept. 23, 2017

Leo Ostenrath and Julius Preu in the Karlsruhe 2017 Fight Night Final - Sept. 13, 2017

To get you into the mood for the last Major 750 tournament of 2017 in Berlin on Friday, here's a quick video of the final of the Karlsruhe 2017 Fight Night that took place last weekend. With 18 participants, including five of the current top 10 in the 52 week rankings, Karlsruhe was one of the biggest tournaments of the year so far, and worth 500 rankings points.

The final featured Leo Ostenrath and Julius Preu, and with their results they both move up in the 2017 Race rankings. Leo is now at second place in the Race to Berlin, and Julius up to fourth.

Thanks to Philip Nicolai for organising and hosting the tournament in Karlsruhe. See all the results and details here:

Ian Deady remains unbeaten in 2017 after competing in Poland - Sept. 8, 2017

Krotoszyn in Poland hosted the BuskerBus Festival of Street Art in August, and one "street show" was a Fight Night Combat tournament! Eight jugglers took part, with live music provided by Timmas & Ricardo Rosh, with Charlie from IgnisDraconis hosting. Check out the video for a taste of the live event:

Ian Deady won in dominant fashion, not losing a single point in his three matches. He earned himself 175 rankings points, and takes his undefeated winning streak in 2017 to three tournaments, enough to remain in 10th place in the 2017 Race Rankings.

The other Fight Night in Poland this August took place at the Ostroda Fire Festival. 16 jugglers took part, with eight making it into the knockout. The final featured Artur Perskawiec and Michał Kozak, with Michał coming out ahead. He won 250 points, enough to keep him the top ranked Polish juggler in the 52 Week Current Rankings, as well as the top ranked player as determined by participation in Polish Fight Nights.

Check out upcoming tournaments (like Karlsruhe and Berlin) on the 2017 Calendar:

Stephan Cipra Second Twice More - Sept. 4, 2017

Stephan Cipra is now the holder of the Fight Night Combat "Always The Bridesmaid" title, awarded to the player who has reached the most final matches without yet winning a tournament.

In August, the final of the Magdeburg 2017 combat tournament featured the latest instalment of the Stephan Cipra-Martin Schwalenberg rivalry. Last year Martin needed to win a single match at the Cottbus 2016 Fight Night in order to earn himself an invite to the European Masters. In a very close match, won 5-4, Stephan pulled off the upset and denied Martin his place.

The scoreline in the Magdeburg final was the same, but in Martin's favour. Martin won his second Magdeburg title in a row and earned himself 250 rankings points.

Last weekend Stephan was back in action at the Suderburg 2017 Fight Night, and out of 14 players he qualified as the second seed. In his semi-final he beat 2015 Suderburg champion Friederike Kraaz 5-1, but lost to top seed Fabian Fehlhaber 1-5 in the final. This was Fabian's second Suderburg final, and his first Fight Night title.

Stefan has now appeared in four Fight Night finals without winning one. This equals Alex Müller's and Jon Peat's four second place finishes before winning a title, but is still lags one behind Julius Preu's run of five finals before winning a title.

But with three second places so far this year, each worth 150, Stephan has climbed to 15th in both the 2017 Race Rankings and the 52 Week Current Rankings.

Can Stephan get across the line in his next tournament final? Stay tuned!

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