EJC 2017 Lublin

Date of Tournament Wednesday 26th Jul 2017
Also known as European Juggling Convention 2017
Points Counted Monday 31st Jul 2017
Points Drop Date Monday 6th Aug 2018
Players in knockout 32
Total Participation 89
Rankings Points Weight 1250
Tournament host EJC
Country Poland
Qualification Round-Robin

Videos and Media

EJC 2017 Lublin Day 5 Vlogging - Fight Night Qualifications (YouTube)
(featuring: Luke Burrage, Jochen Pfeiffer, Wes Peden, Sebastian Martini, Gilad Vardi, Vašek Peca, Rob Woolley, Rufus Oelkers, Alexander Müller, Iver Tronstad, Andreas Braun, Leo Ostenrath)

Wes Peden vs Andreas Braun at the EJC 2017 Lublin Fight Night (YouTube)
(featuring: Wes Peden, Andreas Braun)

All the action at the EJC 2017 Lublin Fight Night Combat (YouTube)
(featuring: Jochen Pfeiffer, Andreas Braun, Markus Utke, Leo Ostenrath, Alexander Müller, Wes Peden, Iver Tronstad, Julius Preu, Jonas Gengnagel, Matty Schneider, Sebastian Martini, Yaron Davidovich)

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