Karlsruhe 2017

Date of Tournament Saturday 9th Sep 2017
Points Counted Monday 11th Sep 2017
Points Drop Date Monday 10th Sep 2018
Players in knockout 12
Total Participation 18
Rankings Points Weight 500
Tournament host Karlsruhe
Country Germany
Qualification Round-Robin

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Leo Ostenrath and Julius Preu in the Karlsruhe 2017 Fight Night Final - Sept. 13, 2017

To get you into the mood for the last Major 750 tournament of 2017 in Berlin on Friday, here's a quick video of the final of the Karlsruhe 2017 Fight Night that took place last weekend. With 18 participants, including five of the current top 10 in the 52 week rankings, Karlsruhe was one of the biggest tournaments of the year so far, and worth 500 rankings points.

The final featured Leo Ostenrath and Julius Preu, and with their results they both move up in the 2017 Race rankings. Leo is now at second place in the Race to Berlin, and Julius up to fourth.

Thanks to Philip Nicolai for organising and hosting the tournament in Karlsruhe. See all the results and details here: http://fightnightcombat.com/tournament-Karlsruhe-2017.html

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