Jochen Pfeiffer

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Full name: Jochen Pfeiffer
Current rank: 1 since April 17, 2017
Highest Rank: 1 first reached Jan. 7, 2013 (171 weeks in total)
2016 rank: 2
2015 rank: 3
2014 rank: 1
2013 rank: 1
Titles/finals: 19/20

Player Profile

Full name:Jochen Pfeiffer
Nick name:JJ
Nationality: DEU
Resident: Berlin, Germany
Clubs: Henrys Mirage
Gender: male
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Player Introduction

Jochen is the undisputed number one player of one-on-one combat, if not all forms of combat. He has won all but one tournament he has entered, and has been undefeated since 2010. This includes every match since the beginning of the Beta rankings era (since January 2013): 16 matches, 5 tournaments and 3750 ranking points.

Only two players have ever beaten him in a Fight Night: Florian Marienfeld and Mattis List (though Mattis didn't knock Jochen out of the tournament due to it being double elimination).

Jochen performed with Florian Müller-Reißmann in Get The Shoe, a martial arts themed duo juggling act, for 9 years, recreating the most epic combat match in history on a nightly basis.

He is no longer a professional juggler, a fact that gives hope to all his many rivals.


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