Iver Tronstad

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Full name: Iver Tronstad
Current rank: =68 since Dec. 18, 2017
Highest Rank: 2 first reached July 28, 2014 (42 weeks in total)
2017 race rank: 67
2016 rank: 41
2015 rank: 14
2014 rank: 2
Titles/finals: 5/6

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Full name:Iver Tronstad
Nationality: NOR
Gender: male
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Player Introduction

Iver Tronstad is from Norway. He won his first ever Fight Night tournament at the BJC in 2014, winning 16 of 16 of his qualification matches and then beating Jon Peat, Luke Burrage and Dave Leahy in the knockout rounds.

Iver repeated this combination of going unbeaten in qualification and unbeaten in the knockout rounds to win the NJF 2014 Fight Night, extending his winning streak to 6 matches.

At the EJC 2014 he faced stiffer competition, losing to Matty Schneider in qualifications and, eventually, Jochen Pfeiffer in the final. This second place finish lifted him to 2nd place in the Fight Night rankings.


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