Luke Burrage

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Full name: Luke Burrage
Current rank: 5 since Dec. 4, 2017
Highest Rank: 1 first reached May 13, 2013 (92 weeks in total)
2017 race rank: 6
2016 rank: 1
2015 rank: 1
2014 rank: 3
2013 rank: 2
Titles/finals: 17/30

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Full name:Luke Burrage
Nationality: GBR
Resident: Berlin, Germany
Clubs: Play PX3 Vegas
Gender: male
Facebook: Profile Page Profile Page

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Player Introduction

Luke Burrage learned to juggle at the age of 11. He is now a professional juggler. For a while he held some world records, but they have since all been broken. He has won various Fight Night tournaments, but never at an EJC, coming second in five of the ten tournaments so far (and third or fourth in three others).

He always loses to Jochen.

He built this website.


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