Date of Tournament Saturday 18th Jul 2015
Points Counted Monday 20th Jul 2015
Points Drop Date Monday 11th Jul 2016
Players in knockout 8
Total Participation 14
Rankings Points Weight 125
Tournament host Ostroda
Country Poland
Qualification Round-Robin

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Ostroda Fire Festival 2015 Fight Night - July 30, 2015

The Ostróda Fire Festival (X Ogólnopolski Festiwal Ognia Ostróda 2015) hosted a Fight Night tournament on July 18th. 14 jugglers entered qualifications, and eight jugglers took part in the knockout.

Jerzy Kozłowski took first place, beating Marek Żmuda five points to three in the final match. Kamil Malecki ended up in third place and Łukasz "Otto" Wójcik in fourth.

Due to the tournament only being organized on the day, without being announced in advance so any juggler could plan to take part, Jerzy was only awarded 125 points for his first place finish, just enough to lift him to 48th in the FNC current rankings and 32nd in the 2015 rankings race.

A video of the tournament is in the works. For now watch the highlights video of the whole fire festival:

Thanks to Marek for organizing the tournament. All the results and details can be found on the Fight Night Combat website:

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