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Jasper Moens
Defending Champion:
Jasper Moens
April 24, 2024

New Number One Ranked Player - April 15, 2024

Congrats to Jasper Moens for reaching RANK ONE in the Fight Night Combat 52 week rankings!

To claim the top spot he had to win Fight Nights at the EJC 2023 Lublin, BJC 2024, and Israel 2023, plus get second place at the European Championships 2023 and third at the NJF 2023.

Jasper replaces his biggest rival in the top spot! Bas Van de Kerkhof! Jasper and Bas have faced each other 10 times, including in six tournament final matches, with Bas leading their head-to-head with eight wins to two losses, although Jasper did win when it counted the most; in the EJC 2023 final.

Bas spent 80 weeks at number one in total, having first reached the top spot in May 2022.

Jasper joins just four* other competitors to hold the top spot in the rankings:

  • Jochen Pfeiffer in 2013 - 2022
  • Luke Burrage in 2013 - 2019
  • Julius Preu in 2019 only
  • Bas Van de Kerkhof in 2022 - 2024

* Four more jugglers held the number one spot during covid-effected years when the tournament schedule was greatly reduced and no major tournaments were counted in the rankings:

  • Krzysztof Kostera in 2021
  • Ilya Polyakov in 2021
  • Alexander Inozemtsev in 2021
  • Kilian Maidhof in 2022

Kilian and Krzysztof are currently third and sixth in the 52 week rankings, so the top spot is again within their reach, as long as they each manage to win one or two major tournament finals.

European Championships 2023 - Dec. 5, 2023

Thanks to everyone who made the European Championships 2023 a great success!!!

Thanks to everyone who qualified and made it to the event. That's eight jugglers in the open category and eight jugglers in the women's category. Thanks to everyone who helped organise and run the event, particularly Juliane Kunzendorf.

And a big thanks to all our Patreon supporters, who provided enough funding to pay for the hire of the sports hall, catering and hosting costs, and contributed to the travel expenses of international competitors. If you'd like to help next year's event run smoothly, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter here:

Check out the highlights videos before reading the tournament results:

Congratulations to Paula Mühlmeyer for winning the 2023 Women's Tournament without losing a single match (10 wins, 0 losses), and taking the year-end number one spot in the 2023 Women's Rankings. Callie Lawrie took second at the European Championships and in the year-long rankings.

Bas Van de Kerkhof won the Open Tournament, and also ends the year as number one in the 2023 Open Rankings. In 2023 he also won the NJF and BJC Major tournaments, along with wins at Dortmund and Konvensie.

Jasper Moens ends the year in second place, with most of his points coming from wins at the EJC and Israel and his second place at the European Championships.

Jon Peat won the 2023 British Series, which determined the top combat player based purely on tournaments in the UK, and earned an automatic invite to the European Championships, though he would have qualified for the Open Tournament anyway. He secured seventh place at the tournament with three wins in group stage, and ends the year sixth in the Open Rankings.

Thanks again, and look out for exciting news about the 2024 season and tournament calendar!

European Championships 2023 Announcement - Sept. 25, 2023

Save the date: Saturday 25th November!!!

This year everyone is invited for a full schedule of open juggling and three club combat, not just those at the top of the rankings. We have the sports hall for a full 7 hours (1pm to 8pm) so join us for lots more than just a single tournament.

The venue is Grundshule Wildau - (google maps, closest public transport connection is S-Bahn Wildau).

Preliminary schedule:

13:00 - 14:00 - The Last Chance Top 50 Wildcard Tournament - You didn't make the top 8 of the Open Race Rankings but you still want a chance to take part in the European Championships? Any juggler can enter this special event for a winner-takes-all chance to join the top 8 invited jugglers in the finals.

14:00 - 15:30 - European Championships Open and Women's group stage matches.

16:00 - 17:30 - The European Championships 2023 Open and Women's knockout matches.

18:00 - 19:00 - Team Combat Tournament (mixed doubles).

19:00 - 20:00 - Zombie Combat.

20:30 - Dinner at Gino Trattoria Wildau.

22:00 - Party.

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