Just three weeks after Stefan Braun won his first ever Fight Night Combat tournament (Hannover), Andreas Braun won his first title at Eindhoven 2015. While both tournaments are worth 250 ranking points, Andreas's title is more impressive than his brother's due to the stronger field of players in Eindhoven and because he beat a top 10 player and last year's winner, Dave Leahy, in the final match, 5 points to 4. Andreas climbs an amazing 183 places to 27th in the current FNC rankings.

16 players took part in the qualifications and the top eight made it to the knockout stage, though top 10 player Sander Vanpraet didn't make the cut.

Last year's losing finalist, Simon À Campo, lost to Dave Leahy again in their semi-final, his third loss to Dave in a row. Simon's third place finish drops him one place in the current rankings, swapping position with Jochen Hänsel. He climbs to 11th in the 2015 race rankings.

Meanwhile Leo Platz took fourth place, enough to move him up to 19th in the current rankings and 12th in the 2015 race rankings.

See all the results and details on the Eindhoven 2015 Fight Night page: fightnightcombat.com/tournament-Eindhoven-2015.html

After at least one FNC tournament eight weekends in a row (12 since May 2nd), there's now a break for a month until a series of big tournaments at the IJA Summer Festival in Montreal, the French Juggling Convention, and the European Juggling Convention in Italy. There are 2000 points on the line at these three tournaments, so expect a big shakeup in the FNC rankings and the 2015 race rankings.

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