New for 2016... the FNC Challenge Title!

On Sunday, in Berlin, two contenders will face off to become the first ever holder of the FNC Challenge Title. The winner will then have to defend their new title against any other top combat player who wants to challenge them to a single match of one-on-one combat.

The first two contenders are the current top two ranked players, Luke Burrage and Eóin Allan. They have battled three times previously in Fight Nights, Luke winning the first and Eóin taking the last two, including the final at the EJC 2015. The winner will take the very first title and the title belt, the loser will only be able to plot their revenge.

Look out on Monday for news and video from Sunday's match, and news of when the next title challenge may be.

Who will be able to challenge for the title next? The rules will certainly change and become more settled in the future, but for now: current top 10 players, players with winning streaks, winners of big tournaments, former top 10 players and top players from before 2013.

For the challenger list and all the current rules, check out the FNC Challenge Title page:

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