Check out the highlights video from the Eindhoven 2016 Fight Night, including the crazy moment where two jugglers ended up juggling two different parts of the same club!

After his big win at the NJF 2016, could Rob van Heijst follow up with a victory in Eindhoven? No, he was beaten in the round of 8 by Jan Poolen. Could Jan follow up his win at the WJW earlier this year? No, he lost to Polish juggler Paweł Witczak in the semi-final. In the end Simon À Campo took the overall victory, beating Paweł 5-3 in the final.

This is Simon's second win at the 300 tournament level (also HJW 2015) and bumps him up to 10th in the 2016 race rankings. Sander Vanpraet, who came fourth in Eindhoven, is now 12th in the 2016 race, and is the highest placed juggler who has yet to win a tournament in 2016.

Over at the Hungarian Juggling Convention, the tournament featured another installment in the local rivalry between three time champion István Hornyák and 2012 finalist András Timár. This time András took the final victory, earning himself 250 ranking points.

The second Fight Night in Colombia took place at the Festival De Circo El Globo Manizales. 27 jugglers took part, with the top 8 qualifying for the knockout. Santiago Galvis beat Lino Cardona 5-1 in the final, also earning himself 250 ranking points.

For those wanting to keep up to date with combat tournaments in Latin America, check out the Combate Malabar for news in Spanish, along with photos and videos.

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