Two Fight Night Combat tournaments took place last weekend, with ruthless wins by Andreas Braun in Aachen, Germany and Danny Cooper in Galway, Ireland.

You need to score 15 points to win a Standard 250 level tournament. That's five points to win a match, and three matches to take the title. It also means you can have up to 12 points scored against you and still win overall. Danny and Andreas? One point against each of them.

Andreas Braun went unbeaten against 16 other players in the qualifications in Aachen, and only Kilian Maidhof scored a point against him in their semi-final. Junis El-Sarout then lost 5-0 to Andreas in the final.

Danny Cooper went unbeaten against 13 other players in the qualifications in Galway, and only Joe McGinley scored a point against him in the round of 8. Danny then beat Thomas Horner 5-0 in the semi-final and Matthew Sexton 5-0 in the final.

Both earned 250 rankings point, enough to bump Danny up one place to seventh in the 52 week current rankings and Andreas up 21 places to 24th. The other notable result is Isabell Stroben's second third place finish in two tournament, following on from her best result in Oldenburg last month, which puts her into the top 30 of the rankings for the first time.

Thanks to Chris Kelly and Leo Ostenrath for organising the tournaments. See all the results and details on the Fight Night Combat website:

This coming weekend? Tournaments at the Rastelli Festival in Bergamo, Italy and at the World Juggling Day Meeting in Bogota, Colombia (Bogota Dia Mundial del Malabarista):

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