Featured video - Alex vs Lauge in the Israel 2018 Fight Night Combat Final

The IJC hosted the Israel 2018 Fight Night Combat tournament last week. 30 jugglers took part with the top eight qualifying for the knockouts. In fourth place was the 2016 WJF overall championship winner Delaney Bayles, beaten in the third place match by Joe Fisher.

The final match featured two other international guests at the convention, Alexander Müller and Lauge Benjaminsen. Check out the tense and entertaining battle for the title:

The Israel Fight Night was a National 500 level event, and the finalists' new rankings points lifts Alex up to sixth in the 52 Week Current Rankings, with Lauge breaking back into the top 20.

Check out all the results and details here: http://fightnightcombat.com/tournament-Israel-2018.html

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