Special Fight Night Combat announcement: The 2020-2021 Super Season!

The Fight Night Combat 2020 Season has come to an end. Congratulations to Krzysztof Kostera of Poland and Friederike Kraaz of Germany! Krzysztof won three tournaments, and ended the year at the top of the Open Race Rankings. Friederike entered four tournaments, came second in two of them, and ended the year at the top of the Women's Race Rankings.

The 2020 European Championships would have taken place this past weekend... except of course they didn't, due to an ongoing global pandemic. The plan was to have two tournaments with two different ways to qualify: the Open Race Rankings to qualify for the Open European Championship and the Women's Race Rankings to qualify for the Women's European Championship.

But plans change. And so, the current plan:

Cancel the 2020 championships completely.

Create the 2020-2021 Super Season: a 24 month qualification period for the European Championships at the end of November 2021. Every player will accumulate points from all their tournaments between November 5th 2019 and November 5th 2021. See the Super Season standings here: http://fightnightcombat.com/points-and-rankings-SuperSeason2020to2021.html

Expand the 2021 fields from 8 players per tournament to 10 players per tournament.

The top two players of the 2020 season get automatic invites. That's Krzysztof and Friederike.

The rest of the qualification process will remain in place: minimum of three tournaments, only residents of Europe are invited, automatic invites to the winners of the Major tournaments, one wildcard entry per tournament.

There were about 60 tournaments in 2019, but only 30 in 2020. Hopefully we can have another 30 in 2021 to make the qualification process for the 2021 European Championships as normal as possible. So stay safe, and keep hitting other jugglers' clubs.

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