The Fight Night Combat rankings are dominated by Europeans taking part in European events, but this week there are two non-European tournaments scheduled.

J-Fest is the Turkish Juggling Festival. Last year Brook Roberts won the Fight Night, but he isn't returning this year. Maybe a local juggler will win... or maybe a German juggler such as Till Rautert.

And over in Lima, Peru, is #‎LaConvePieDerecho‬. Luke Burrage is the reigning Lima champion, but this year the tournament is taking place at a big festival with many more local jugglers. Maybe Johan Flores or Manuel Rospigliosi will take the title... or maybe Emil Dahl will win his third FNC tournament in row!

In other news, Durham Juggling Convention hosted a small tournament this past weekend. The two finalists from Cambridge, Jon Peat and Brook Roberts, met once again in the final, with the same scoreline, but this time Jon beat Brook 5-4.

Due to the tournament being so small, and Jon taking part in so many other tournaments, he only gained 50 rankings points in the 2015 Race Rankings. Brook picked up 120 points, and with it being his third tournament in 2015, he is now eligible for an invite to the FNC European Masters.

However, all the jugglers from 6th to 10th place on the provisional invite list are within just 110 points of each other, with many in the top 20 not far behind. Brook says Durham is his last regular tournament of the year, so is crossing his fingers that only jugglers above him in the race win the big tournaments in October and November.

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