Simon A Campo finally wins his first tournament at Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2015

Simon À Campo's name came up earlier in 2015 when listing the players who have come second in the most tournaments without an overall win. Since then, Jon Peat and Alexander Müller both won a Fight Night tournament, and on Saturday it was finally Simon's turn, after 13 tournaments and three runner-up finishes.

20 jugglers took part in the Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2015 Fight Night, and eight made it through to the knockout. Simon qualified as eighth seed, so had to face top seed in his first match. Roel Post had gone unbeaten in qualifications, but Simon beat him 5-0. Simon went on to defeat Jan Poolen in his semi-final and then Leo Platz in the final. Rob van Heijst beat Jan Poolen in the third place match.

Simon won 300 rankings points for his win, which bumps him up 12 places to 6th in the current FNC 52 week rankings, returning him to the top 10 for the first time since January. He also finds himself at 6th in the 2015 Race Rankings, and 6th on the European Masters 2015 provisional invite list, guaranteeing that there won't only be jugglers living in Germany and the UK heading to Berlin in December.

Things aren't so rosy for Belgium's top player, Sander Vanpraet. He has only won two matches in the whole of 2015, and his loss in the round of 8 at HJW means he drops out of the current top 10, and remains at 22 in the 2015 race rankings.

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The last big tournament of the year, worth 750 points, takes place tomorrow at the Hamburg Juggling Convention, where Jochen Pfeiffer will be defending his title. Elsewhere in Germany, ZirkuLaer is hosting its first Fight Night, which will have jugglers entering from Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA.

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