Three tournaments last week!

At the Israeli Juggling Convention, wild card entry Till Rautert fought every other player to one point in turn, winning every matchup, and establishing himself as the top seed. Wes Peden did the same thing last year, but bowed out in the first knockout round. Unlike Wes, Till won his way through to the final, defeating local juggler Liri Kamay by 5 points to 3.

Till's first Fight Night title netted him 350 rankings points and bumps his ranking up to 21. Look out for video from the Israeli Fight Night soon!

In Italy, three top 20 jugglers took part in the Brianza 2016 Fight Night. Along with Luke Burrage, Jochen Hänsel and Leo Platz was the Brianza 2013 winner Remi de Vos.

After a come-from-behind win over Jochen Hänsel in his semi-final (video coming soon), Luke took on Remi in final, winning himself 250 rankings points. Jochen, who came third in 2015, had to settle for fourth place after losing the deciding point against Leo Platz in their third place match.

Finally, in the UK, Lestival hosted the first ever Leicester Fight Night. Playing the last two matches of the tournament at the end of the juggling games, Danny Cooper took third place over Cameron Ford. The final featured familiar foes Brook Roberts and Jon Peat. See who won by checking out the video of the final match:

Brook's result, combined with his win at Chocfest and his runner-up finish at the BJC last month, means he remains in second place in the 2016 Race Rankings, just 50 points behind Luke Burrage.

Find all the results and details, plus check out upcoming Fight Night tournaments, on the 2016 Fight Night Combat Tournament Calendar:

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