First tournament in Bogota, Luke and Brook rematch in Bungay, Stephen McGinley repeats in Galway

Last week saw the first Fight Night Combat tournament in Bogota, Colombia at "1 encuentro Interuniversitario de circoa", a meeting of five university juggling societies. 15 jugglers took part in the open qualifications, with the top 8 going through to the knockout. David Ospina beat Miguel Cordona in the final match to earn himself 250 ranking points. Thanks to Juancho Garzón for organizing the tournament!

In a big top in a field full of buttercups, 13 jugglers took a break from drinking tea and playing board games to take part in the first Bungay Balls Up Fight Night (afternoon). With the most important prize on the line, 12 slices of Monte's Legendary Banoffee Pie, Luke Burrage and Brook Roberts found themselves in the final match, a replay of the BJC 2016 final in Scotland a few months ago.

At the BJC, Luke beat Brook by a single point, and it was the same story at Bungay. Brook's second place finish was enough to edge past Rob van Heijst in the 2016 Race Rankings, back to 2nd place, ahead by just 30 points. Thanks to The Void for making the tournament happen.

Finally, at the Galway Juggling Convention 2016 in Ireland, 20 jugglers took part in the qualifications. Due to the knockout being held later in the convention, some of the top qualifiers couldn't take part, but last year's champion Stephen McGinley was given a wildcard entry. Stephen repeated his 2015 victory, beating tournament organizer Tom Turner 5-3 in the final match.

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Look out for news and/or video from the not-Berlin Juggling Convention 2016 Fight Night happening this coming Saturday.

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