The EJC 2016 Almere Fight Night was the biggest combat tournament ever! 98 jugglers entered qualifications, with 32 going through to the knockout, and the top 12 battling in front of thousands in the late night finals.

The tournament also featured the strongest field of participants of any tournament, including 20 top 25 ranked players. You can see how it compares to the previous biggest tournaments (like the EJC 2014 and NJF 2015) here.

With 1250 ranking points available to the winner, and up to 82 points available to jugglers who did well in qualifications but didn't make the round of 32, there's been a lot of change in the FNC rankings. The biggest mover is, of course, Jochen Pfeiffer, who returns to number 2 in the 52 week rankings and climbs 35 places, again to number 2, in the 2016 race rankings. Eóin Allan, the winner in 2015 but who didn't return to defend his title, drops 15 places to 17th.

Julius Preu, with his fourth place finish, climbed to 4th in the 52 week rankings. Florian Marienfeld, who came third, is now the highest ranked juggler (6th), and the only juggler inside the top 17, who hasn't won a tournament in the last 52 weeks. Strong results (round of 8) for Alexander Müller, Danny Cooper and Jakub Szwed keep them in the top 10 or close to it. Danny's win at CoastCon the week before the EJC means he's up to 8th in the 2016 Race Rankings.

We hope you've enjoyed the videos from the EJC 2016 Fight Night. If you've missed any, you can find a playlist here:

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