What do Quebec and Las Vegas have in common? No, not Cirque du Soleil, but combat juggling!

Both the WJF/SkillCon and TurboFest are hosting one-on-one combat tournaments, with Fight Night Combat ranking points on the line. Both tournaments have a provisional tournament level of 500 points.

Combat has been a fixture at the World Juggling Federation events for years now, with Josh Horton winning at the last solo tournament in 2014. He'll be returning to SkillCon this coming week to defend his title, but will face stiff competition from current world number 4 Julius Preu.

After many years of legendary late night melee combat sessions, TurboFest is hosting the first ever Fight Night in Canada. The convention begins on January 5th, with qualifications late night on Friday 6th January.

Both tournaments are part of the 2017 Fight Night Combat season, along with tournaments that have already taken place in Ireland, Leeds, and Bratislava.

See the full (provisional) tournament calendar for 2017, currently with 54 tournaments listed, here: http://fightnightcombat.com/tournament-calendar-2017.html

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