For the 2017 Fight Night Combat season there will be two new tournament levels (425 and 175), but the way any tournament's level is decided has been simplified.

There are now four categories of tournament: Major, National, Standard and Minor.

Each non-Major tournament in the 2017 Calendar is listed at a provisional level, either as a National 500, Prestige 300 or Standard 250. It is then up to the tournament organizer to make sure their tournament meets eight requirements. For each requirement missed, the tournament drops a level.

So if a tournament is listed as a National 500, but there aren't 12 jugglers in the knockout, it will drop to a National 425 level. If it fails to meet a second requirement, like the matches aren't played to 5 points or the complete results aren't submitted promptly, it will drop to a National 350 level.

However, even if one or two requirements are missed, the tournament can avoid dropping down a level if it substantially exceeds other requirements.

A tournament listed as a Standard 250 could be bumped up to a Prestige 300 if it meets all the 250 requirements and also meets some requirements of a National level tournament, or meets some bonus requirements, like having a large number of highly ranked players.

This will hopefully encourage tournament organizers to put on the most fair and most entertaining event they can. Nobody wants their tournament to drop down to the Minor 175 level!

The formulas and rules for the two main Fight Night Combat rankings, the Race Rankings 2017 and the Current 52 Week Rankings, will otherwise be unchanged for 2017.

Read the new tournament level guide here:

More explanation for the level requirements are here:

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