The biggest tournament of the year done! If you missed any of the action, this is the place to catch up with videos from the event.

If you only have a few minutes and want to see a fun match from the main event, check out the video of Andreas Braun and Wes Peden:

Otherwise you can experience the whole event, from qualifications to the aftermath of the main event, by watching the following three videos.

First up, the EJC 2017 daily vlog from Wednesday covers (in its first nine minutes) the 89 person qualifications session, Luke Burrage struggling in his round of 32 match, and four matches from the round of 16:

Second, watch the full video of the Fight Night Finals. It contains all the points and all the action from all 12 matches:

Finally, in the last EJC vlog you can see some behind the scenes footage from setting up the Fight Night Finals, short interviews with the winners and losers, and the aftermath of the event:

Lots of videos! Hope you enjoy them!

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