The latest National-level Fight Night took place last weekend at the Brianza Juggling Convention. Fifteen jugglers took part in the qualifications, with the top eight making the knockout.

The final match didn't include 2017 winner Ian Deady, nor current top ten ranked player Matty Schneider. Instead, two players from Czechia: Michal Keda and Vašek Peca. It was Vašek's first final, but Michal's fourth final, giving him a chance to win his third Fight Night title (also Brno 2018 and Bratislava 2016).

Check out the video of the very entertaining final match:

The rankings points from this National 425 tournament move both finalists into the top 20 of the 52 Week Current rankings, and give both a boost into the top 10 of the 2018 Race Rankings.

Staying top 10 in the Race Rankings until November would secure them both an invite to the European Masters 2018, the end-of-year final tournament for the best players of the year. The other way to secure an invite is to win one of the four Major tournaments of 2018. Jon Peat won the first Major 750 tournament, the British Juggling Convention Fight Night, and the second is coming up this weekend at the Nederlands Jongleer Festival, where Luke Burrage will be attempting to defend his title.

Check out all the results and details from Brianza on the Fight Night Combat website:

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