Date of Tournament Saturday 11th Feb 2023
Points Counted Monday 13th Feb 2023
Points Drop Date Monday 5th Feb 2024
Players in knockout 8
Total Participation 8
Rankings Points Weight 250
Tournament host Chocfest
Country United Kingdom
Qualification Round-Robin

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British Series 2023 Announcement - Feb. 10, 2023

In previous years, the winner of the British Juggling Convention Fight Night got an automatic invite to the end-of-year European Championships, due to it being one of the four Major Tournaments in Fight Night Combat (along with the Netherlands, Berlin and European Juggling Conventions). That changes this year!

In 2023, we're launching the Fight Night Combat British Series 2023! This is a nation-specific rankings race for the whole year, with results from every tournament in the United Kingdom counting towards a player's rank. The more tournaments a player enters, the more opportunities they have to accumulate points.

The top ranked player in the British Series at the end of October will be invited to take part in the European Championships in December, alongside the other top-ranked players from across Europe.

The first tournament that counts towards the British Series is Chocfest 2023, on February 11th, with 250 ranking points on offer to the winner. The most valuable tournament will be the British Juggling Convention 2023 in Ramsgate, starting April 7th, worth 750 rankings to the winner. But everyone who takes part in any event will get some rankings points, and every point will count at the end of the race!

The British Series has been created to encourage year-long participation in all Fight Night Combat tournaments in the UK, and to encourage more jugglers to organise them at their juggling conventions and events. All UK Fight Night tournaments will, of course, also count towards the normal Current Rankings, Open Race Rankings and Women's Race Rankings.

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