Stephan Cipra finally wins his first tournament after five previous final appearances

Perseverance pays off. Stephan Cipra has finally won his first Fight Night Combat tournament on his 43rd attempt, and it happened last weekend at Magdeburg 2018.

If 43 tournaments sounds like a lot, it is! It's the second highest number of tournaments entered in the history of Fight Night Combat. Luke Burrage leads at 63, with Brook Roberts third at 38 tournaments. Now Jochen Hänsel holds the record for most tournaments entered without a win, at 29.

Stephan was also the holder of the "Jon Peat Always-the-Bridesmaid" title for appearing in the most tournament finals without yet an overall win. It is named for Jon Peat who, up until Cumbria 2015, extended his losing streak in finals to four matches. This was surpassed by Julius Preu, who made it five finals losses before winning Aachen 2016. Stephan matched Julius with five finals losses before winning Magdeburg 2018.

Junis El-Sarout is now the Always-the-Bridesmaid title holder with four finals without a win. Lars Lehmann and Bas Van de Kerkhof have three each.

12 jugglers entered the tournament in Magdeburg, organised by Stephan and hosted by Bob Carr. Stephan also beat Bob in final match. Philip Metz came third and Julia Heinrich fourth.

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