At the European Juggling Convention 2018 in the Azores, Luke Burrage finally won the EJC Fight Night Combat for the first time, defeating Brook Roberts in the final. It was his 14th attempt to win, having entered every EJC Fight Night since the very first, back in 2005 in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Check out the full video of his experience starting at 4 minutes into this EJC vlog:

It was also Luke's 8th time in an EJC final, having lost to Jochen Pfeiffer four times, Jay Gilligan twice, and Eóin Allan once. The final this time was an all-British match-up, with the two top German players falling in the semi-finals. Brook Roberts beat 2017 finalist Andreas Braun and Luke beat 2017's fourth place finisher Leo Ostenrath. Leo went on to lose to Andreas in the third place match, making it two fourth places in a row at the EJC.

With 65 players taking part, the Fight Night in the Azores was the fourth largest Fight Night ever, and third biggest in terms of participation of ranked players. However, Jochen Pfeiffer, last year's champion, didn't make it to the Azores to defend his title. Still, every EJC final so far has featured one or both of Jochen Pfeiffer and/or Luke Burrage, so he's sure to still be a favourite when he returns.

By not defending his title, Jochen drops to fifth in the 52 Week Current Rankings, with Luke and Brook now topping both the current rankings and the 2018 Race Rankings.

Thanks to all who helped run the EJC Azores Fight Night, including Maarten (hosting), Vivien and Lélo (scoring), Fabian (DJ), Emil (referee) and Michal (camera), and of course everyone else who took part.

See all the results and details here:

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