The final of the French Juggling Convention 2018 Fight Night featured two Germans; Alexander Müller and Jonas Gengnagel. It also featured four match points for Jonas before Alex pulled off an amazing come-from-behind effort to take the overall victory. Check out the video above to see how he did it.

With 24 participants, the French Fight Night was a National 500 level tournament, and is Alex's second National level victory so far in 2018, the other being in Israel in April. Along with his Oldenburg 2018 title, that's enough for 5th out of 416 players in the 2018 Race Rankings

The Catch 2018 Festival took place in Cumbria, and attracted jugglers from across Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and more. 18 jugglers took part in the Fight Night, with the top 12 going through to the knockout finals. Julius Preu dominated throughout, including a 5-1 win over Luke Burrage in his semi-final and a 5-0 win over Brook Roberts in the final.

Julius has gone unbeaten in 2018, and is only the second player with more than one title and no losses. The other, of course, being Jochen Pfeiffer. But with only two tournament entries each, both are currently outside the top 10 in the Race to Berlin.

Also in July, the International Jugglers Association hosted their first ever Fight Night at the 2018 summer festival. 24 jugglers took part, and the top 16 took part in a double-elimination tournament. The top two jugglers after three winner-bracket matches were Wes Peden and Noah Schmeissner. After another three matches, Wes Peden came out on top, earning himself his second ever Fight Night title (also Lublin 2016). Along with his win at the WJF 2017 tournament in December, Noah Schmeissner is now the top ranked non-European player at 28th in the 52 Current Rankings and 21st in the 2018 Race Rankings.

See all the tournament results and details via the 2018 Tournament Calendar:

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