Congratulations to Michał Kozak for winning the Gdynia 2016 Fight Night Combat tournament. He beat Jerzy Kozłowski by a single point in the final match, and earned himself 200 rankings points.

This is Michał's second Fight Night victory in 2016, having also won at Ostroda 2016. Along with his other results in 2016, including qualifying at the EJC in Almere (he lost to Markus Utke in the round of 32), Michał moves up to 10th in the 2016 Race Rankings, and to 16th in the 52 week current rankings. Not only is he the highest ranked Polish combat player in those two rankings, he also tops the Polish tournament rankings with 576 points, edging out Wes Peden, who won 500 points at Lublin 2016.

While Michał is 10th in the 2016 Race to Berlin, his chance of an invite to the exclusive ten-player European Masters on the 26th of November is rather precarious. Only Luke Burrage, Rob van Heijst and Jochen Pfeiffer have secured their invites already, each by winning one of the major tournaments of the year (BJC, NJF and EJC):

Everyone else must do their best to win more points in the last month of the 2016 regular season. There are still seven tournaments in the 2016 calendar that can contribute points to the 2016 Race Rankings, and four of them are classed as "National Level" tournaments, worth 500 or 350 points. This coming weekend is Camvention 2016 and there will be 500 level tournaments in the Netherlands and Germany too (or 350, depending on the the size of the tournament). The cutoff date for the final invites is November 7th.

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