German jugglers won three out of three combat tournaments last week. Matty Schneider at the BJC, Markus Utke in Israel, and finally Julius Preu in Melbourne, Australia.

JuggleLab, the juggling club at the National Institute of Circus Arts, hosted their first ever Fight Night, a Minor 175 level event. 16 jugglers took part in the group combat qualification rounds, with the eight winners making it to the knockout. Julius met two familiar opponents in his last two matches...

Byron Hutton won the Fight Night at the Melbourne Juggling Festival in 2014, but lost to Julius in his semi-final match this time. He had to settle for third, beating Domenyk La Terra in the third place match. Byron also lost to Julius in the final of the New Zealand 2017 Fight Night last month. So far, in five Fight Nights, Byron has yet to finish lower than third place.

In the final in Melbourne Julius beat Joe Fisher, the same result as their meeting in the final at the Newcastle Fight Night in January.

Julius has now won 12 knockout matches in a row, with four tournament victories worth 1125 rankings points in total, going back to Karlsruhe 2016. This is the fifth longest winning streak in the FNC records, with only Jochen Pfeiffer, Eóin Allan and Luke Burrage having gone more matches without a loss. As for current winning streaks, Julius's 12 in a row lags a long way behind Jochen's 21 wins since his loss in the round of 8 at the EJC in 2015.

Thanks to Liz Louden for organising the tournament in Melbourne, to Simon Wright for hosting, and to Kieran McNamara for the photography.

See all the results and details from the JuggleLab 2017 Fight Night here:

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