Jochen Pfeiffer back to number one in the 52 Week Current Fight Night Combat Rankings

Jochen Pfeiffer is back to his rightful place at the top of the Fight Night Combat Current Rankings, which is calculated from the past 52 weeks of tournament play. Since the start of the official rankings in January 2013, he's spent a total of 133 in the top spot.

Jochen lost his number one place in back in August of 2015 after losing in the round of 8 at the EJC in Bruneck. Combined with his loss to Luke Burrage in the final of the NJF Fight Night earlier that year, and Luke's run to the final of the EJC, Luke took the number one spot. Following that, Jochen becoming a father (congratulations!) meant a restricted conventioneering schedule... but now he's back! Jochen went undefeated in all four of his tournaments last year, including winning the EJC for the ninth time and the European Masters for the first time.

Luke has dropped down to number two in the rankings again, mostly due to dropping his 750 points from winning the BJC 2016 Fight Night. Luke spent 78 weeks at number one, despite losing to Jochen five times in that span, keeping his rankings total above Jochen by taking part in twice as many tournaments.

Julius Preu is at number three in the current rankings, which will help his seeding at the EJC this summer. Markus Utke is up three places to fourth on the back of his win at the Israel Juggling Convention.

Returning to the top 10 for the first time since November 2014 is Matty Schneider helped by his 750 points from the BJC 2016.

At the top of the 2017 Race Rankings, after 17 tournaments, is Cameron Ford. His run to the final of the BJC netted him 450 points, and that's on top of his win in Bath, second place in Leeds, and third place in York.

Julius Preu drops to second in the race, despite not losing a match so far this year, due to his tournament wins only being worth, on average, about 250 points. Matty Shneider enters at third in the 2017 race, and as long as he takes part in at least two other tournaments in 2017, is automatically qualified for the European Masters end-of-year finals in November.

Three tournaments are happening over the coming weekend. The first tournament in California is being organised by Kyle Johnson at the Manipulation 2017 Festival. In the UK, Leicester Fight Night is aiming to be a Prestige 300 event, depending on the size and strength of the field. And in Italy, Ian Deady is hoping to win his first Brianza Fight Night after being stopped in the past few by Luke Burrage and Remi De Vos.

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